Friday, April 22, 2011

358 days old!!!

I cannot believe that I haven't posted since 5/19/10!!! Well the boys are a week away from turning 1! It would be impossible to fill in the 11 month gap since I last posted so I will just fill you in on what is new.

I know every parent says this but JT & Jarin are the best little boys in the whole world. They have completely different personalities. JT is laid back, loves to watch whats going on, content to play w/ the same toy and loves to be held & cuddled. Jarin is outgoing, wants to get into everything, content to play w/ everything except his toys and not a cuddler, he's a man on the move! Both boys are crawling, and Jarin is pulling up to his feet. Every day we just are amazed at the gifts God gave us.

I will do my best to update this blog atleast once a month w/ news and pictures. I do better on facebook w/ small updates and pictures so check that out as well.

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