Friday, April 22, 2011

358 days old!!!

I cannot believe that I haven't posted since 5/19/10!!! Well the boys are a week away from turning 1! It would be impossible to fill in the 11 month gap since I last posted so I will just fill you in on what is new.

I know every parent says this but JT & Jarin are the best little boys in the whole world. They have completely different personalities. JT is laid back, loves to watch whats going on, content to play w/ the same toy and loves to be held & cuddled. Jarin is outgoing, wants to get into everything, content to play w/ everything except his toys and not a cuddler, he's a man on the move! Both boys are crawling, and Jarin is pulling up to his feet. Every day we just are amazed at the gifts God gave us.

I will do my best to update this blog atleast once a month w/ news and pictures. I do better on facebook w/ small updates and pictures so check that out as well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


hard day today... got a call early morning saying that Jarin had to be moved back into the NICU because he wasn't tolerating his feedings and his belly was distended and abdomen hard. They did an x-ray to see if everything was working correctly from his stomach to his bowels and the doctor said everything looked good to her. They will do another x-ray tomorrow morning and in the meantime will stop all of his feedings, start him back on antibiotics and give him some blood since his counts were low. Jae and I are trying not to worry and put our trust in God but it is so hard, we would do anything to take it all away from him!

JT is doing great. He took 16cc's by breastfeeding today and the rest we gave him in his feeding tube to give him a rest. Here are the only 2 pics we took today.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010


big day today! JT and Jarin moved to the NCCU (Neonatal Continued Care Unit) today! IV's and antibiotics are done so their head ports were removed :) and I got to breastfeed for the first time! Both boys latched but only JT actually got any milk (5cc's!). We were just working on the latching so both boys passed :)

time to eat? (jt)

jesus please bring me milk! (jarin)


family portrait

jarin & jt


hi guys! (JT)

all smiles (Jarin)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


today we got to focus on jarin finally. we both feel like it's been ages since we got to hold and snuggle with him. i did kangaroo care (skin to skin contact) first and then dad got some snuggle time in as well. the nurse was saying today that she was concerned about how sleepy and lethargic Jarin seemed all the time but was very happy during kangaroo care because he woke up for a good amount of time and interacted w/ both Jae and I. He is still in his isolet but should be moving to a crib within a day or so. He's been having some belly issues (constipation and gas) so they haven't wanted to move him to a crib where he will have to wear clothes so they can keep an easier eye on his belly. Jae got to feed and hold JT today while I was holding Jarin so we don't have any pictures of JT since my hands were full. :) All in all it was a great day and we can't wait until tomorrow when we can go back and see our babies.

kangaroo care w/ mom (jarin)

i love you! (jarin)
daddy lovin' on jarin

don't eat the baby daddy! (jarin)


today was a big day for JT... he graduated to a big boy bed (crib) where he has to keep his own body heat rather than have a heated blanket underneath him. He now gets to wear clothes and get all bundled up in blankets and hats. We got to feed him and snuggle with him today! Jarin is doing great, the nurses don't want to disturb him when he is in deep sleep which he was when we were there so we did not get to hold him. We just can't wait for the day when we get to hold them both as much as we want!

jt wearing big boy clothes
dad, mom & jt

jt lovin' on his daddy

daddy trying to make jt a Saints fan